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CXN360 is a membership-based service, and unlike a listing site, the Offers (Bids) sent by Buyers and the Targets sent from Growers are live and immediately actionable by the click of a button. The benefit of our model is that we will never charge a commission, transaction fee or brokerage fee on any grain purchase.
Buy as much as you want, as many times as you want.
Grain marketing network


With our rapidly growing network of producers, CXN360 connects your business with Growers – down the road or across the country.

multiple grain buyers


Save time with CXN360 by sending out offers (bids) to multiple Growers, simultaneously, with just a few clicks. They will receive instant notification that there is an offer out for their grain.

Transparent grain marketing


All sales are legally binding agreements and we provide you with Grower contact info. You’ll always know who you are buying from and what the terms are.

Choose grain offers


Make offers (bids) to whoever you want, using a Flat Price or Basis Bid. You control whether to send your offer to everyone in a given region or create groups with a selected group of Growers of your choosing.

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Immediate access to Growers

As soon as a Grower signs on to the service and activates, they are available immediately to receive your grain offers (bids) and/or send you their targets.


All of our members, both Buyers and Growers, have the peace of mind of knowing what the actual cost of a sale is… no commissions, no transaction fees, no surprises.


Gone are the days of having to reach out to each and every producer and maintain back-and-forth conversations, voice messages and email strings. CXN360 connects you to multiple Growers – simultaneously. With just a few clicks, groups of Growers will receive instant notifications that you are buying. All offers (bids) are live and actionable, Growers can simply accept and the sale is set. It’s that easy.

Increased Exposure

All Buyer logos are listed on our website, but the exposure inside the system is even greater. Once a Grower joins the system they will be able to see your business and contact information and they have the ability to include you in the targets they create. Also, sending out regular offers (bids) in areas outside your traditional draw area exposes your business to Growers you may not have conducted business with previously, often creating inbound calls and opportunities.

Fully CASL Compliant

Our membership system alleviates you from worrying about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the Privacy Act, meaning the Growers have agreed through their membership agreement to be available to receive offers (bids) from you via text and/or email depending on the preferences they set.

Send an Offer to multiple Growers. Quickly and Easily.

You set the terms, the price, and pick the growers you want to buy from. Issue your offer and growers will receive an instant notification via text and/or email.

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