Grain markets are complex. Selling your grain doesn’t have to be.

The fastest, most efficient way to market your grain.

CXN360 gives you all the tools and support you need to connect, assess, identify opportunities, evaluate offers and close the deal.

This is where it all happens.

Know Available Offers.
And Who’s Offering.

See current offers, including details about the buyer. Know the price, delivery, and contract details to assess the best combination for your operation. Everything you need to know even if you don’t accept the offer.

Set Your Targets.
Better Manage Multiple Offers.

Create your own target prices and simultaneously market grain to multiple buyers at the same time, without risk of overcommitting. Watch the video to see how to create a target.

Simply Choose The Best Deal.
For You.

Easily accept or decline offers via text or online.
Upload documents like grading reports or add notes for the buyer.
Watch the video to learn how CXN360 makes responding to offers simple.

Sell on your terms.

On your time.

You can choose when and how to receive notifications of targets and offers. Via text, online, or both. Watch the video to learn more about your personal settings.

Update Your Inventory.
In Real Time. Anytime.

Manage and track your inventory from field to sale including a comprehensive reporting suite that accountants love.

grain inventory management

Analytics made easy.

Get real-time analytics on your transactions, inventory, and audit reporting with comprehensive reporting tools.

Grain analytics

Bronze Membership is FREE!

Yes, we mean FREE.

No credit card required, No trial period that ends, No commissions, No transaction fees.


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