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This is how grain marketing should be.

Commission-free grain marketing


Trade one tonne or ten thousand without paying a fee on each and every transaction. Single annual membership allows you unlimited use to trade as often as you want.

multiple grain buyers

You’re in control

Every selling requirement at every step is under your control. You choose what you sell, when you sell, and at what price.


Transparent grain marketing

Secure & Transparent

All sales are legally binding agreements and we provide you with buyer contact info. You’ll always know who you are selling to and what the terms are.

Bronze Membership is FREE!

Yes, we mean FREE.

No credit card required,  No commissions, No transaction fees… and with No trial period, you’ll always be available to Buyers.



Get more done. Better. Faster.

Choose grain offers

Real offers, from Real buyers

Get real-time notifications when a Buyer sends out an offer. Even if you’re not ready to sell, you’ll be able to see what offers are out there to help you make informed decisions. Choose the best offer and sell whenever you are ready.


Target grain buyers

Send targets to multiple buyers simultaneously

Call. Discuss. Repeat… and Repeat. Gone are the days of calling up multiple buyers. CXN360 enables you to cast your targets over our network of multiple buyers, with just a few clicks.

Secure Grain Marketing

Fully Secure at every step

All Buyers in our network are insured and either licensed or vetted strongly to ensure you receive payment on your transactions. All Offers & Targets sent through the system are secured by unique PINs. Transactions are legally binding agreements that are logged in the system to provide proof of agreement.

Grain inventory

Always know what you have

You’ll never have to worry about over-contracting. Easily see your targets, what you’ve committed, and what’s in the bin with an easy to navigate dashboard and our inventory management service.


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