CXN360 web app

Grain marketing just became easier! CXN360 is pleased to announce a significant update with the launch of a Progressive Web App. Members will now enjoy a new and improved experience when using our grain marketing service to sell their grain.

“The launch of our Progressive Web App brings a next-level user experience to our members. It will be faster and provide them easier access, while allowing us to provide services and updates more quickly. One of the main reasons we chose a PWA over a native app is our great respect for the privacy of our customers. By staying within a web-browser format, there is no need to access a user’s personal data and there are no device permissions needed to run the app. We feel excited and confident that this is the best way to evolve our service.” David Callele, CXN360 Chief Technical Officer

What is a Progressive Web App?

Our new Progressive Web App, or PWA as it is commonly called, runs faster, smoother and automatically updates its software as needed. It installs an icon on your desktop or home screen, just like an app. Unlike a web browser, there is no need to create shortcuts or type in the address bar like you normally would. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Benefits of a Progressive Web App

Security Unlike a native app, our PWA does not ask for access to your contacts, your location, your storage – and all of those other pieces of personal information. You, and your data, are completely safe on CXN360. The web browser security model virtually guarantees that we cannot access private data on your device.


Efficiency The CXN360 PWA runs faster, smoother, and is always watching for software updates. This ensures that you always have the best-possible user experience. No annoying update notifications that require you to update the software yourself.


Easy to install

You can install the PWA to your desktop or home screen (what you are installing is just a special type of web-page shortcut). There are no app stores to log into, no updates to install and review their permissions. Alternatively, you can continue to use the CXN360 service from a browser, just like always.


Offline capabilities

If you are attempting to use the CXN360 PWA when you do not have Internet access, the PWA will automatically let you know that there is no service. No more waiting for a web browser to time out. In the future, the PWA will also allow us to expand our services to work when your Internet connection is intermittent or offline.


Enhanced Notifications

An alternative to text messages or emails. The notifications stream informs you of incoming offers and activity related to your outgoing offers. You can continue to receive texts and/or emails, or you can turn them off and just upon the notification stream.

Learn more about the app and how easily members can download it here.

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