1 Billion dollars in grain offers

CXN360 Reaches $1 Billion in Grain Offers

CXN360 surpasses $1 billion in grain offers to members through their grain marketing service.

Saskatoon, SK
– CXN360 by Ag Exchange Group is pleased to announce a significant milestone in their grain marketing service. Over 1 billion dollars in opportunities have been created for CXN360 members.

“Our business vision to create opportunities for producers and buyers in Western Canada has exceeded our expectations. While $1B is no small accomplishment, we are confident this is only a small percentage of what we can achieve over the coming months. Ag Exchange Group is committed to increasing opportunities for producers and buyers within our digital marketplace. We will continue to develop the marketplace into new geographies and enhance the capabilities of the platform in 2021.”

Lyle Ehrmantraut, President & CEO

Technology Creating Profitability

Since its formal launch in 2017, CXN360 has been focused on one vision, providing Canadian producers and buyers the opportunity to sell and buy grain in a more efficient manner. The success of online grain marketing has resulted in more grain growers shifting their thinking away from the traditional methods of selling their grain.

As more farmers adapt to a new way of marketing grain, buyers have been provided greater access to producers and available commodities. A growing network of members has afforded buyers and producers new opportunities to become more profitable and create greater sustainability in Canadian agriculture.

Success Through Opportunity

Access to new business, efficiencies in buying/selling, transparent transactions, a more competitive landscape, and a more positive outcome for bottom-line revenue have all resulted in new opportunities in Canadian Ag.

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