In celebration of The Impact Farming Show’s 2nd Anniversary, Farm Marketer is counting down the TOP 4 episodes from season two. CNX360 is excited to be a part of the 2nd highest listened to and watched episode. “A New Frontier For Grain Marketing” features Mike Witkowicz, VP of Strategy and Business Development.

About the episode

As farmers, we focus a lot of time and money on producing better crops to increase our yields. Rightfully so, as better crops and increased yields tend to lead to increased farm revenues. This is every farmer’s end goal, isn’t it? Mike joins the show to share his thoughts on how farmers can maximize their crop production revenues. He believes that we are entering a new frontier for grain marketing and that by focusing on the marketing of our production, we are entering into what he calls the blue ocean strategy.


This is where the CXN360 online grain marketplace comes in. Connecting sellers with buyers, CXN360 gives farmers more connections to buyers, which means more choice, more control, and ideally more revenue.


“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where farmers are incredibly busy, how do you efficiently and effectively reach new buyers?


Join Tracy and Mike as they chat about the history of grain marketing, how producers are currently marketing their production, and buckle your seat belts for the new frontier for grain marketing.



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